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gili air, the best place to learn how to scuba dive!

Here on Gili Air, we don’t just get to enjoy the incredible variation of dive sites, but are also very lucky to be located in such an awesome learning environment for scuba diving! If you’ve ever pictured diving as an intimidating sport that takes place in rough murky waters and ripping currents, you’ll be glad to hear that is definitely not the case here on Gili Air. We are usually surrounded by clear waters with around 20-30 m visibility, a cozy temperature of around 29°C, peaceful surface conditions, and perfect shallow sites with sandy bottoms for those who are still working on perfecting their buoyancy. 


What is the difference between SSI and Padi
diving courses and dive certifications?

There are several different diving training organizations, SSI and PADI are two of the most well-known. In short, a certification from any of the organizations means that you are in fact a certified diver. No matter which agency you trained with and got your certification through, you can now dive with any dive center across the world, as long as you can provide proof of certification. You can do your entry-level course through one agency, and your next level through another one. We, at Next Level Scuba, have however chosen to primarily teach SSI courses since we think they offer the highest level of customer support and service, take the greatest consideration to students and their individual needs, and have the most flexible approach to teaching. Many of our instructors are qualified to teach on behalf of several other organizations as well. 

Advanced Scuba diving certifications can give you the confidence to explore deeper and more challenging dives. When looking for the best course, it’s important to research different dive schools and instructors. Taking this time to research can ensure that you get the best possible education when selecting a scuba diving certification course. Look for highly recommended centers that have received great ratings and reviews from past students. Choose a school with instructors and staff that has a good reputation and offers the courses and certifications you’re interested in. You’re welcome to check out our reviews online to get an idea of what other scuba divers think about our school and instructors before making your decision. You can also ask the instructor questions about their qualifications, experience, and any additional safety training they may provide. We only work with instructors and divemasters who excel within their field, are knowledgeable about the local conditions and different dive sites and will provide the highest level of safety and supervision during your course dives.
Before you dive into the task of booking a diving course, become familiar with the requirement and prerequisites of each certification. Each level brings its own set of challenges and benefits, so it’s important to select the one that meets your goals and fits within your skill level and your ambitions. Beginner courses provide an introductory overview of the skills needed for open water diving, while more advanced certifications may involve underwater navigation, deep-water exploration, and other specialized techniques. Should you have any questions or inquiries about the courses or diving in Gili Air in general, please don’t hesitate to contact us via email. We promise to get back to you as soon as we possibly can!