Open Water Course

Open Water course

Learning to scuba dive with us is easy and fun! The Gili Islands host a wide range of dive sites that offer the perfect variation needed throughout the different stages of your training.

Few places around the world allow you to take your first breaths under the surface of the ocean with such calm water, clear visibility, and rich marine life – making your first underwater visit relaxing, beautiful and spellbinding!

The Open Water course is the world´s most popular dive course and it will give you a life long certification and access into the amazing world of recreational scuba diving – regardless of choosing SSI, PADI, NAUI or CMAS as your training organization, to name a few.

Our three-day course is conducted in small groups, under the supervision of one of our experienced instructors. We place a strong emphasis on personalized training and individually adapted in-water practice sessions to ensure you have the knowledge, skills and comfort level required to become a certified diver.


Open Water Course with NExt Level Scuba Gili Air Indonesia


Knowledge development:

Learn the lingo! During these sessions, you will develop an understanding of the basic principles of scuba diving. You will learn how pressure affects your body, about the underwater world, what buoyancy is all about, what to consider when planning dives as well as how to assemble/disassemble and maintain your scuba equipment, amongst many other things! Our passionate, capable and fun team knows how to create the perfect balance between information and laughter to keep things interesting.

Confined water training:

The confined water training is conducted in our swimming pool. We begin in the shallow water, allowing you time to ease into the new environment before introducing some basic skills and gradually moving into the deeper part of the pool. Through this gradual introduction of skills, your confidence and comfort will increase surprisingly quickly! The skills learned in the pool will prepare you for a wide range of potential underwater scenarios and by the end of this confined water training, you will find that you can control your position and depth, clear your mask of water, and several other important skills.

Open Water dives:

Time to take all of the skill you´ve learned in the classroom and pool, and apply them to real-life conditions! Throughout the course, you will go on four reef dives to selected dive sites around Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan, where you will get to enjoy the beauty of these amazing sites while we continue to improve your dive technique. 

On your first dives we will have a maximum depth of 12 meters and then gradually work our way down to the maximum depth of 18 meters. On these dives we will re-visit a few of the skills you have already mastered in the pool, to make sure you feel comfortable performing them in an open water environment as well. We will also look at a few new skills, like learning how to navigate with a compass underwater and how to use a dive computer, to name a few examples.

After this, you will find that your vacation has given you so much more than just a nice tan.
You have accomplished something of value and gained your life long pass to the remaining 70% of this planet.
Get ready to explore the underwater world – all over the world.


To enroll in an Open Water course you need basic swimming skills and you also need to be in good physical health. Before starting the course you are required to fill in a medical questionnaire. A “Yes” on this form means that you´ll need to bring a medical clearance, signed by a doctor, before being able to participate in any scuba related activities. We kindly ask you to look at this form beforehand and, if needed, acquire this written permission before booking in on any of our courses.

See the medical questionnaire here.