Diving Prices

You´ll find our diving price list below, where all listed prices include a professional Instructor or Divemaster and a full set of rental equipment. The selection displays, but is not limited to, our most popular programs and courses. Can´t find what you are looking for? Don´t hesitate to write to us with your questions!

Marine Park fee

diving prices gili air

All prices listed below are excluding the mandatory Marine Park fee of 100.000 IDR which all visitors must pay the first time they dive or snorkel around the Gili islands


Booking online, before your arrival, grants you a 10% discount of the diving prices! There are additional 5% discounts available for every below listed criteria that you meet:

– Groups of 4 people, or more.
– Per every 5 fun dives.
– Dive professionals.
– Own equipment.
– Indonesian residents / kitas holders.

* Any cancelations within 24 hours of the scheduled dive will incur a cancelation fee

** To a maximum discount of 20%

diving price

Beginner Courses
Advanced Courses
Rescue Courses
Divemaster Course
Specialty Courses
Course Packages

The dive centers on Gili Air have entered into a price agreement, meaning that every dive operator on the island will charge you the same minimum price for every course, program, and fun dive.

One of the reasons behind this is a mutual desire to avoid a price war and to instead allow you as a customer to choose your dive center based on which one speaks to you, and who you feel the most comfortable and safe with. Another reason is for all dive centers to be able to maintain a high level of safety standards regarding matters like equipment maintenance & servicing, visual & hydrostatic testing of the tanks, the presence of oxygen and other safety equipment on the boats and in the shop, having qualified dive staff, as well as respecting local laws and regulations in terms of minimum salaries, marine park fees, boat and captain licensing, etc. In addition to this, all affiliated centers hold a Dive Safe membership where one of the benefits and responsibilities is to assist one another in any potential emergency situation, such as a missing diver.