Our amazing Island

Nestled in between the larger islands of Bali and Lombok you’ll find our tropical paradise, Gili Air. What to do in Gili Air, you might ask?

The unspoiled natural beauty with white sand beaches, turquoise waters, and breathtaking sunsets create the perfect scenery for you to explore by bicycle, paddleboard or horse-drawn cart. The island is often referred to as ‘the perfect mix’ between the more hectic Trawangan and the serene Meno, and we could not agree more! With the large variety of restaurants, cafes, yoga places, spas, beach bars and snorkeling spots around the island, you will have no problem finding things to do after a day of enjoying the underwater world.

Below we have listed some of our favorite spots as a little guide to make your stay complete. Enjoy!

How to get around in gili air

Being free from motor-driven vehicles is one of the things that makes this island so special, and luckily it is small enough to make all sorts of transportation
a pleasure and activity in itself.
Enjoy the scenery of the ocean road, or explore all the small paths leading you from north to south and east to west.
If you thought this island was too small to lose yourself on – think again!

By foot – Back to basics! Here´s how we sometimes wish Gili Air would be experienced: barefoot walks on the beach and through the greenery of the in-lands.. Only time is the limit when walking is your means of transportation!

By bicycle – By far the fastest, smoothest, and most popular, way of getting around, and we recommend you to get a bike as soon as you arrive.
Grab one from our accommodation, or on any street you pass by;
we can assure you a bike rental place is never far away!
Just make sure you give it a test-ride to check that it has proper brakes and pumped up tires, or you might find out on a dark road home from sunset…

By cidomo – When you arrive on the Gilis the unmistakable sound of bells
in a slow rhythm might make you think that Santa is around the corner.
But it’s actually our main form of transport just making you aware that they are close-by. These horse-drawn carts are the backbone of the island life; everything that arrives or leaves the island requires the assistance of these ponies.
A fairly common concern from visitors, is in regards to the horses´ welfare.
For more information on this topic, check out horses of Gili, a non-profit organization that works closely with the local community to educate, maintain, and provide care for the working horses and their owners.

If you want to learn more about how to move between the three Gili islands,
read more under how to get here, where there is a section covering this.

Where to eat IN GILI AIR

On this island, you never have to travel far to find yourself a treat to eat!
Gili Air holds restaurants offering food from a wide range of cuisines; Italian, Indian, Mexican, Vietnamese, and of course lots of local food, creating a variation that won´t leave anyone disappointed. And what’s more convenient than some recommendations from the people living here, having had the time to find their favorite selection, now willing to share some spots with you?!

Located in the harbor, Alegria is your first warm welcome to the island. Their Spanish-Italian cuisine offers everything from savory breakfasts, a variety of lunches, classic tapas dinners and much much more (do we need to mention the amazing coffee?!). Come in for a drink, or why not indulge in possibly the most extensive cheese platter you’ll find on Gili Air!

Aura Bowls
Not only do their smoothie bowls taste amazing, but they also come out as a piece of art! The friendly staff, fresh smoothies and great local food is what keeps us coming back to this place time after time.

Barefoot Blondie
Walk the main road a minute or two from the harbor and find this upstairs haven of green views and a light breeze. We do recommend pairing your choice of coffee with the biggest cinnamon roll you will find on the island (preferably adding the frosting for extra goodness). This barefoot blonde also knows how to whip up a great morning dish or brunch special! Do note though, this is not just a morning spot to sip coffee, have breakfast, and do your digital nomad computer wizardry. On Wednesdays the doors open back up at 7pm, serving some very delicious and cleverly named cocktails!

If you think a hostel can’t do good food – think again! Begadang is definitely an island classic by now, regardless of if you are going for the satisfying all day breakfast menu or trying one of the many lunch- or evening dishes. Pastas, stir fries, burgers, salads, sandwiches, smoothies, frappuccinos… Here you will easily eat your way through the day while working from your computer or relaxing by the big pool. Whatever you are in the mood for, we assure you they serve it! And if you are looking for a more active evening, why not join their bar crawl, try out the ping pong table or enjoy a movie on their big screen (see their Facebook page for current activities!).

Burger Lady
Burger lady, what would we do without her? Not only did she feed us through a pandemic, this is still our go-to spot night after night after night… As the name suggests, Burger lady is the place for a great (and cheap!) burgers, but it doesn’t stop there. The menu is filled with lots of local dishes, so you’ll be sure to find yourself a favorite. Oh, and did we mention the crepes?! As a bonus they also deliver if requested, so you can have fresh food ready for you when back from a dive!

Captain Coconuts
One of our go-to spots for lazy mornings meant for a long breakfast with a book. Hang out by the pool, lounge on a sofa, enjoy one of the provided board games and their excellent coffee, served hot or cold!

On the east side of the island, you will find a sequence of beachfront restaurants all focusing on seafood barbeques and all-you-can-eat salad buffets, with Chillout being the first one you reach when walking along the beach road from the north.
Our reasons for favoring this one are nice options for steak bbq, that there´s something for every price class, and a wide range of choices in the salad buffet.

Dolce Mare
One of the few “upscale” choices on the island is this smaller Italian gem,
located a minute or two inland from the sunset side.
With a focus on seafood and pasta, the dedication from the owners stretches
all the way to spearfishing their own fish for the menu on a daily basis.
The price range is slightly higher than the standard restaurant of the island,
but for the food and setting that this restaurant offers it is well worth it. As if that wouldn’t be enough, Dolce Mare recently launched a gelateria neighboring its restaurant, offering homemade Italian gelato that makes our mouths water!
With only six tables though, we would recommend making a reservation in advance to secure your spot.

Gili Bliss
A pink dream with a cozy and romantic design dedicated to healthy smoothie bowls, juices and a variety of dishes. Salads and pancakes, bagels and zucchini pasta – regardless of your order, this place will make your Instagram feed look fab!

Located in the harbour, this will be one of the first restaurants you see as you get off the ferry and its original design will make you feel like you’re in Italy itself. Make your way upstairs, enjoy the beautiful scenery and the cooling breeze as you indulge in authentic Italian dishes. Don’t forget to try the chef’s specialties- the outstanding pastries and desserts!

I am Bagus
Their properly grilled chicken and a tasty salads might be enough to lure you in from the main street. But what really sets them aside, is that they offer beer – on draft! So enjoy the food, drinks and the sport events displayed daily on their big big BIG screen.

Juju Zero Waste
Located in the first crossing on the main street, newly opened Juju has quickly become an island favorite, as it always seems busy! Enjoy their vegan lunch delights, including some amazing bao buns and dumplings, or drop in for a breakfast or afternoon snack; they even have vegan ice cream bars! For us though, the best part about this place is the zero-waste shop which we simply can’t get enough of. Organic, local, and recycled goods that make the most perfect gifts to bring home to loved ones, or to keep for yourself as a precious memory. Leaving Juju empty handed is simply not possible!

Mama Pizza
If you thought you wouldn’t be able to find proper pizza this far from Italy, think again! Mama Pizza serves great food right by the beach on the sunset side, making this your ultimate evening spot. Lately, this place has also started baking their own sourdough bread! This shows just how dedicated they are to the quality of their pizzas, and leaving Gili Air without a visit here just won’t do.

Musa Cookery
Dessert lovers gather! Not only do we love this place for being all organic and vegetarian, but it is also our favorite place for a post-dinner-delight or simply when the need for a cup of coffee and something sweet arises. Located in the center of the island, this place serves food as well as snacks and smoothie bowls, but whatever you are going for you should not leave without trying at least one of the desserts. Oh, and did we mention all of them are vegan?!

Are you looking for an authentic local spot with portions fit for a hungry traveller? Then this is the place for you! Their food varies from fresh seafood specials and BBQ to local treats, not to mention their signature deep fried chicken. With the neon oranges decorating the place, there will be no mistake of where you’ve ended up: Oranges!

Just a stone throw away from the dive center you find this shabby chic interior, organic cafe, serving smoothies, coffee, sweets, and easy bites. 
This hideout lets you enjoy the serene inland roads, and half a day easily flies by sitting here enjoying the vibe of the place while ordering snack after snack…

One of the most recent additions to the Gili Air food scene is Pituq. Earlier located on Gili Trawangan, Pituq finally decided to move to the better island, and we could not be happier to have this spot as our neighbor! They have an all-vegan menu filled with food, desserts, smoothies, juices, coffees – all equally delicious. Don’t miss out on the mock beef, we promise you this will leave even the meat lover satisfied!

Pick the top local delights, wrap it up in a nice setting, and you have Ruby’s! Excellent service and a mouth-watering menu is what we love about this place, not to mention the spring rolls and mango daiquiri…

Part of the beach barbeque sequence on the southeast side, this is the fancier of the three when it comes to setting and price. Lanterns lighting up the tables on the beach creates the perfect atmosphere for your fresh fish bbq dinner!

Are you getting tired of the good old Bintang and occasional Heineken found on the island? Sharkbites has got you covered! Enjoy a table on the beach while sipping on a nice craft IPA, summer lager, or dark porter. They also pair wonderfully with a proper steak- or seafood dish, and Sharkbites sure knows how to cook those right. Keep an eye out for their nightly specials as well, with everything from tasty Taco Tuesdays to rowdy Rock bingo Thursdays!

Warung Parida
As local as it gets! One of the best nasi campurs on the island in our opinion,
and one of the cheapest meals you’ll enjoy during your stay. The traditional way of rice with your choice of sides will only cost you 25k and is the perfect fast food either to eat here or take away. Don’t forget to ask for sambal if you like it spicy!

Warung Sunny 
Another favorite warung of ours, located a 10 min walk inland from the dive center, serving dishes from all over Indonesia.
Any meal can be prepared with either beef, chicken or tofu/tempeh,
and regardless of your choice, they all taste delicious.
Hero, the chef, is about as passionate as it gets about his food, and if
you are up for learning more about the Indonesian cuisine, a cooking class
with him is set for an unforgettable food experience!

Zipp bar
The third of the beach barbeque places located in between Chillout and Scallywags is Zipp! Here you find a wide selection of options for the grill;
from fish and meat to tofu, tempeh, and veggies. The salad bar also offers lots of variation for both meat-eaters and non-meat-eaters alike, making it an easy task to please the crowd.

Sunset spots IN GILI AIR

Rumor has it that the Gilis hold some of the most beautiful sunsets, and we are not shy to confirm it. Settle down in a bean bag, cool down with your favorite drink after a day of diving and enjoy the majestic scenery as the sky turns into a firework of colors. Try to catch it on camera if you wish, but nothing beats the view of the eye!

Gili Lumbung
Famous for their delicious cocktails and their colorful bean bags on the beach. Happy hour during sunset time, but don’t be shy to stay a little longer and enjoy the ambiance of this place when the live music comes on.

Pink Coco
A little further north, and away from the crowd you´ll find this pink pearl (and believe us when we say pink, you can not miss it!) Somewhat pricy compared to the above-mentioned spots, but for their service and sangria, we are definitely prepared to pay!

Our go-to place for good food, drinks, and nice vibes. Not to mention the fantastic happy-hour wine! When hunger kicks in, this place also serves great food at reasonable prices. We can assure you it has something for everybody,
no one will leave disappointed.

Nightlife IN GILI AIR

When it comes to gathering the people of Gili Air, the only thing that unites us more than beach clean-up day, is a good night out! Even though Gili Air (luckily!) sits in the shade of its big brother Trawangan when it comes to partying, there are a few places that run busy with people when it’s their time of the week to host the nightlife. What we mean by that is; rather than all party hangouts hosting their events on a daily basis, here on Gili Air they take turns being the hotspot. Socialize with new people, play some board games, dance on the beach and treat yourself with your favorite drink – maybe to celebrate that brand new scuba diving certificate of yours?! 

Current schedule: 

Cheeky monkey – Let your dance monkey out! Every other Tuesday, cheeky monkey puts the DJ booth out on the beach and have the island dancing their shoes off. Located along the sunset strip, we suggest enjoying some food and drinks at one of the neighboring places as the sun sets, before heading over here for the rest of your night. 

Lucky’s – Opposite Tuesdays from when Cheeky monkey is hosting the parties at sunset side, Lucky’s is the place to be! For the ones ready to lose themselves in the world of techno and house, just drop in anytime after 9 pm and there will be DJs, drinks, and bonfires on the beach all night long. 

Legend Bar – Every Wednesday on the north tip of Gili Air, Legend Bar stands host for gathering the people of the island devoted to a night of partying. Bean bags on the beach, delicious drinks, and DJs providing the dance floor with sweet beats from sunset all through the night. What else can you ask for?! 

Pockets & Pints – In our opinion, this is the only place on the island with a true bar vibe, so no wonder it’s a popular place! Pop by, grab a pint or two and challenge your buddies in Jenga, dart or foosball before heading to the all-night dance parties. On a busy evening, this place bustles with ex-pats and tourists of all ages and from all over the planet, providing an atmosphere as if you could have been anywhere in the world!

Yoga & Gym IN GILI AIR

For the ones who just can’t settle without a bit of body movement, and finds the classic around the island-route a bit too sweaty, there are plenty of options to exercise both mind and body. Regardless if you are an early bird, or prefer to enjoy those sleepy vacation mornings in bed, these places have got you covered!

Flowers & Fire
Located on top of the main street, you find this garden oasis of yoga, café,
and accommodation. The yoga classes take place on the second floor,
providing a lush view of the island greenery and making it the perfect spot
for a relaxing time on the mat.

Right in the center of the island, making it highly available wherever you stay, H2O offers a nice escape from life in the streets. Pop in for a regular yoga class, or why not try the aqua yoga?! A fun class in the pool, perfect for beginners or for those who just want to escape the massive sweats of the common classes. And don’t forget to refill with something tasty from their organic café afterward!

The Gym
Situated right by the harbour, this is the newest and ‘coolest’ gym of all 3 Gili islands. It has an impressive set of 10 air conditioning units as well as state of the art equipment including cardio, cable- and plate-loaded machines, and free weights. Depending on how long you’ll be visiting, they offer several different membership plans and passes. They also have a 20m swimming pool that you can enjoy after your workout, either for laps or to float away while pondering on what part of the island to enjoy next!

Holiday Fit 
Only a 3-minute walk from the dive center you find one of the gyms on the island;
Holiday Fit! It is air-conditioned and equipped with just what you need for a bit of a vacation workout, also serving protein shakes right outside to complete that muscle growing.
Choose between a daily, weekly or monthly pass depending on your stay.


Treat yo self!
Our next best activity for getting into relax mode after a day of diving, is
definitely visiting one of the many spas the island has to offer. Whether you are in for a full body massage, or a classic mani-pedi treatment, this is where your wishes will come true. And with prices like these, leaving the excellent staff
a little tip will leave them just as grateful as you are!

Jasmine Spa
Found in several locations on the island, Jasmine Spa offers most treatments
for a small amount of money, yet good quality. The spas are almost always available for a drop in-massage session, allowing you the opportunity to spontaneously go for a relaxing treatment of your choice. If you are in for some waxing though, we recommend booking in advance to make sure the wax is ready to go or be prepared to catch a massage while you’re waiting!

Slow Spa
This place is taking the island-spa experience to another level. Be prepared for a luxurious session in all aspects, it´s not only a treat for the body but also the eye.
Hidden away in the greenery, Slow Spa and its beautiful villa, terrace, swimming pool, garden, and spa becomes a haven, creating the perfect escape
for a day or two. Regular spa treatments are also available, just remember to book in advance to secure your spot!

Snorkeling IN GILI AIR

As a tropical island, shallow reefs for snorkeling are found all around Gili Air,
and we have marked some spots on the map where the corals are extra lively and easily accessible.

We also have some do´s and don’ts, to protect the beauty of our reefs! 
Since the island is all made up of sand, you will find shallow parts of sand, rocks, and seaweed stretching from the island as you make your way out, either walking or swimming depending on the tide. When the shallows start to change into a landscape of coral, it’s time to put your fins on and feet up, not putting them down unless you are sure there is a sandy patch or rock underneath.

As for sunscreen, make sure you are wearing the reef friendly kind!
If you use ordinary sunscreen, make sure you put it on at least 20 minutes
before you enter the water, to make sure it’s fully absorbed by your skin. Most sunscreens contain oils and chemicals that when coming off your body will coat the corals, preventing the reef from getting enough oxygen and being able to reproduce. So keep an eye out for “reef-friendly” sunscreen, found in a few selected shops and also available in the dive center.

What to do in gili air, dive in gili air


The island is full of tiny shops providing snacks, fruits, and basic refreshments, but if you are looking for the real deal, go where the locals go!
Here you will find fresh fruits, veggies, nuts, dried fish, meat and lots of other everyday-life groceries. Opening hours vary from day to day and week by week, so we could not put it in print even if we wanted to. You simply have to try your luck bypassing by!

Siti Shop
The largest shop of the island is located on the main road, by the first crossing coming from the harbor. Open in the daytime and filled with everything you might need, this is where most locals and ex-pats do their shopping. Come in the morning to make sure to get your hands on the best fruits and don’t be discouraged if you have to compete with the crowd!

Sriwijaya – If you missed out on the opening hours of Siti Shop, try Sriwijaya! Located at the south end of Sunset Boulevard, this shop covers most of your wants and needs. With more generous opening hours, you will find them providing goods from early morning to later in the night, still offering a similar supply to the one found in Siti Shop.
Your night-snack mango is only a bike ride away!

Unique – Similar to Sriwijaya, Unique Shop has a slightly smaller supply but offers more generous opening hours. Take the road going east in the crossing by Siti Shop, and you will soon find this little store on your left. Besides the fruits and veggies, Unique also sells a basic stock of different drugs to treat infections or cases of flu, should a pharmacy be out of stock.

What to do in gili air, If you’re not feeling well

Vacation should be all fun and games, but once in a blue moon, we are all unlucky enough to catch something that some good old bed rest and fluid won’t be enough for. On the map, we have pin-pointed three different clinics located on the island:
Dr. Sahrun, Blue Island Clinic and Gili Air Clinic Center. These clinics all do basic check-ups, provide a standard stock of drugs and speak good enough English in general. Their knowledge on island classics like Bali belly, smaller infections or cuts and scrapes is enough to cover adequate care. Though, if your condition is more severe than this and/or has not improved as it should, you might need to seek proper medical attention, which is available both on Lombok and Bali.