Discover Scuba


Our Discover Scuba Diving is a half-day program for people who wish to try scuba diving with a minimum of time and money spent. You don’t need any previous experience, but some basic swimming skills are desirable.

The program includes dive theory, a pool session, and an open water dive with your instructor. The confined water practice session is done in our swimming pool and the open water dive that follows takes place at one of our many suitable dive sites. The maximum depth for this program is 12 meters, but we never go deeper than you feel comfortable with. We like to keep our group sizes small, so there will never be more than four divers per instructor.

This Introduction Dive program can be credited towards your Open Water course. If you continue to dive with us and choose to sign up for the full course, we will deduct the price you already payed for your Discover Scuba from the course fee.


To enroll in this program you need basic swimming skills and you also need to be in good physical health. Before starting the course you are required to fill in a medical questionnaire. A “Yes” on this form means that you´ll need to bring a medical clearance, signed by a doctor, before being able to participate in any scuba related activities. We kindly ask you to look at this form beforehand and, if needed, acquire this written permission before booking in on any of our courses.

See the medical questionnaire here.

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Customer Testimonials

” I had never dived before and was not even sure that I wanted to try it; I wasn’t sure whether I would enjoy the experience or feel comfortable enough. I spoke to the instructors in the shop and they reassured me that with the right training and support anyone can enjoy diving. So I booked to do a Discover Scuba afternoon course; this involves a bit of theory, some training and practice in the pool, and then on to the actual dive.

The theory was well explained and enough to give us a basic understanding of the equipment and of the changes that occur in your body when you dive and how to manage them. We were also told about all the amazing marine life in the spot we would be going to.

In the pool we got to grips with wearing the equipment, breathing properly, and swimming comfortably underwater. The instructor made sure we understood everything and that we were all feeling confident enough to progress to the dive.

Off we went! I had felt great in the pool but once we were truly underwater and in the sea I felt a bit more nervous, the instructor saw this without me even having to signal to him, held onto my hand, and guided me through the dive, whilst also leading another new diver and monitoring how the other two in our group were getting along. With the instructor’s support, I felt completely safe and was able to see some amazing sights, including a turtle, barracuda, puffer fish, sea slugs, garden eels, and much more. 

The dive shop only ever has small groups when you are learning, I think this is very important and believe you can get far more tailored support here than at any of the other bigger schools.

I would recommend these guys to anyone who has never dived before and also to experts alike (my boyfriend is doing his training to be an Advanced Diver with them) “
– Liberty G

” I visited the shop this June and would highly recommend it. At first, I did the Discover Scuba Diving course, which consisted in learning the basic safety rules in the swimming pool and then diving in the sea. After my first diving experience, I knew I wanted to obtain my Open Water Certificate. The teachers were really nice to me and tried to make me fell comfortable at all times (I get seasick easily). Don’t think twice. Scuba diving is cool but it is even cooler if you do it with Next Level Scuba!!! “
– Nola